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Mastering the Match: How Personal Assessment Unlocks Your Ideal Cultural Fit in the Job Market

great people inside.

Cultural Alignment is a Game-Changer  In the intricate journey of job hunting, the spotlight often falls on flaunting our technical prowess, educational pedigree, and professional milestones. Yet, there’s a transformative strategy that savvy job seekers are leveraging to catapult their careers: conducting a personal assessment to discern their optimal organizational culture fit. This approach isn’t […]

Instagram Accounts that can be useful for Veterans seeking employment in Canada

instagram accounts for veterans in canada

Navigating the Job Market: Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Veterans in Canada Are you a veteran seeking employment in Canada? Look no further! We understand that transitioning into the civilian job market can be challenging, but we’re here to help. I have curated a list of Instagram accounts specifically designed to assist veterans like you in […]

Job Boards for Veterans

acton crawford qXEUYjn 7W4 unsplash

Unlock Your Potential: Explore Top-Notch Job Boards Exclusively for Veterans Welcome to our comprehensive collection of job boards specifically tailored for military veterans. We understand the unique skills, experiences, and dedication that veterans bring to the civilian workforce, and we are committed to assisting them in finding meaningful employment opportunities. Whether you are transitioning from […]

Network Effectively: A Guide for Veterans

networking veterans

Network Effectively: A Guide for Successful Veterans Job Seeking Effective networking is a powerful tool for job seekers. Building and leveraging professional connections can open doors to new opportunities, provide valuable insights, and enhance your job search success. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore strategies and tips to help you network effectively and maximize […]

Meeting Employer Needs: A guide for Veterans

meeting employer needs veteran

Meeting Employer Needs: A Guide for Veterans When searching for a job, it’s essential to understand and meet the needs of potential employers. By demonstrating how you can add value and fulfill their requirements, you increase your chances of securing employment. This comprehensive guide is designed to help job seekers, including veterans transitioning into civilian […]

Diary of a Successful Job Hunter

jason goodman Oalh2MojUuk unsplash

“Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER: Actionable Tactics & Practical Strategies to Land Your Dream Job in Any Economy”   I did NOT write Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER,  but I know the author and I know you’re going to want to read it. Hello, my name is David Perry.   I am intimately familiar […]

101 Great Job Search Tricks for 2020 – Part 2 of 25


⇐ 101 Great Job Search Tricks for 2020 Part 1 – 25  101 Great Job Search Tricks for 2020 Part 3 – 25 ⇒ Great Job Search Tricks: #5 Realize The Awesome Size Of Your Network for Your Job Search Great Job Search Tricks are often passed on from friends so why people tend to […]

Advice For Writing A Strong Resume

christina wocintechchat com 0Zx1bDv5BNY unsplash

  Creating a strong, solid resume involves several steps, which, when taken together, prove fruitful for an improved resume. Simple enough in themselves, it is important to actually go through and check that all the elements needed for a strong resume appear. First of all, an aesthetically clean, grammatically correct, and clear resume is a […]