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Veteran Facebook Employment Groups

veteran Facebook employment groups

Connect, Network, and Land Your Dream Job with Facebook Groups Dedicated to US Veteran Employment Discover exclusive Facebook groups for US veterans seeking employment opportunities! Join a supportive network of fellow veterans, industry professionals, and valuable job resources tailored to your needs. Transition, advance, or explore new paths in your career with our vibrant communities. […]

4 Ways to Crack the Hidden Job Market

hidden job market

Crack the Hidden Job Market Fast Sara in Montreal writes: “I know networking is a great way to crack the ‘hidden’ job market, but I’m having trouble connecting with people in my industry. Can you help?” Sara, you’re not alone! Here are four ways to access the hidden job market, by networking and other methods. […]

Diary of a Successful Job Hunter

jason goodman Oalh2MojUuk unsplash

“Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER: Actionable Tactics & Practical Strategies to Land Your Dream Job in Any Economy”   I did NOT write Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER,  but I know the author and I know you’re going to want to read it. Hello, my name is David Perry.   I am intimately familiar […]

Advice For Writing A Strong Resume

christina wocintechchat com 0Zx1bDv5BNY unsplash

  Creating a strong, solid resume involves several steps, which, when taken together, prove fruitful for an improved resume. Simple enough in themselves, it is important to actually go through and check that all the elements needed for a strong resume appear. First of all, an aesthetically clean, grammatically correct, and clear resume is a […]