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Diary of a Successful Job Hunter

“Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER: Actionable Tactics & Practical Strategies to Land Your Dream Job in Any Economy”


I did NOT write Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTERbut I know the author and I know you’re going to want to read it.

Hello, my name is David Perry.   I am intimately familiar with the contents of Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER: Actionable Tactics & Practical Strategies to Land Your Dream Job in Any Economy,  because Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER is the unedited, daily journal, of Mr. Greg Quirk;  a journal he kept at my request.  I’ll explain…

I wrote Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0 and the other editions, which is how I met the author Greg Quirk.  Greg is an engineer I met one morning following a talk I was giving to a job search club.  Greg stayed behind to speak with me and get a critique of his Guerrilla Resume.  The Guerrilla Resume as something new Greg was going to try after the ‘normal’ job search tactics everyone uses had come up short after his most recent layoff.

Always eager to help, and sponge a free coffee, I looked his resume over and made a few suggestions (because I invented the guerrilla resume format). As Greg made corrections on the fly, I had the opportunity to read a few articles he’d written, which he intended to use as proof of his writing abilities as a product manager.

For an engineer Greg’s a gifted writer.  Heck he’s better than most people I know; me included.  As he finished up, I asked if he’d heard about the Guerrilla Job Search Boot Camp that Kevin Donlin and I had been running across North America. He had, and reluctantly let me know he wasn’t in a position to pay for a job search boot camp…what with not having a job and his wife at home expecting a new baby.

Call me smart (sure seems like it now anyways…) I asked him if he could afford NOT find a job fast and offered him a deep discount on the program.  In exchange Greg agreed to appoint me as his job search buddy, meet with me every Wednesday for an hour at Starbucks (I do like my coffee…) and agreed to journal about his job hunting experience using my new system.

If you read Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER  you’ll quickly discover the best ways to find a job in any economy but especially this one right now.   I chose that title by-the-way not Greg so that’s on me.

Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER: SPOILER ALERT

Greg completed the boot camp or almost… he did land a great new job he was excited about… but ahead of schedule.  He did not complete all the activities in the 10 week boot camp because he graduated before the course ended.
Diary of a Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER: Actionable Tactics & Practical Strategies to Land Your Dream Job in Any ”, is a page turner.  Who’d have thought?  I wasn’t expecting him to write as much or as well as he has in fact I thought if I got a couple of blog posts out of him that I could use to help others later…we’d be square.  That’s not what happened.

Greg went way beyond what I had envisioned (by-the-way, that’s in his DNA – he always overperforms).  Greg’s journal is 52,000 words.  Now for the uninitiated… that’s the length of a typical non-fiction book.  There are also hyperlinks throughout to additional pieces Greg had written before, and references to other articles and resources he also found helpful.

Diary of a Successful JOB HUNT is a great book.  Better than 95% of the job search books you can find for sale on Amazon.  I could take it to my publisher next week.  They’d print it…no question…but that wasn’t my original intent in asking him to keep the journal.

I wanted to understand how Greg was feeling as he went through the boot camp exercises and material.  Were he was getting stuck.  Were my instruction wasn’t clear or need greater context.  I was looking for the unvarnished truth from a User who’s life depended on getting a job.   He invested time and money in the program.
Greg did not disappoint.  His feedback was inspiring.  He’s a great communicator in person, not just in writing.  Because of Greg the material in is better than it ever could have been had we used focus groups.  Greg was committed to his own success.  His feedback made my changes better.

Greg was job hunting in the worst employment market seen in his lifetime – preCOVID-19.  He worked through the programs exercises every day.   Wednesday we discussed what was working and what needed polish (thankfully not much).
Reading Greg’s words,  you can feel his joy, his despair and his elation when he lands the job he wanted at a firm he admired.   as he trudged through one of the worst employment markets he seen in his lifetime – pre COVID-19.

In the end, Greg landed at a job with purpose, on purpose, which fully aligned with his values.  He graduated ahead of schedule and of his new baby’s birth.  So, a happy ending.

Which brings us to today.

It’s 0900 hrs as I’m typing this note to you on my iPhone.  In between Zoom meetings today with our executive search clients, I’ve taken a handful of calls from friends who need help finding a job because of the pandemic.  COVID-19 has created panic and mass layoffs on a global scale.  People are scrambling around the world to reinvent themselves in to new jobs and new industries if they can.

Truth is though, people are still being hired. New jobs are being created daily.  Top talent is still in high demand.  But the rules have changed.
Finding a job post COVID-19 requires looking at the ‘process of job hunting’ differently.

On a macro level organizations are in survival mode and are actively looking for help.  On a micro level, which is where you must operate as a job hunter…

YOU have to figure out how to find the organizations that have the problems that your unique skills, and experience can solve. 

YOU need to figure out which executive inside that organization owns the problem you can fix.

YOU need to figure out how to get in front of that executive.


YOU need to be able to start a discussion which leads to a job offer.

Greg quickly learned how to do all of the above as he was proceeding through the program.  He writes about it openly, with my blessing in Diary of a Successful JOB HUNTER.

Let’s talk about you.

Are you ready to learn something new? To commit to changing your employment status?

Ok.  Here’s what you need to know about job hunting right now.

The system we’ve all being taught is broken.   It’s been broken for decades. 

Moreover, in recent years, companies have spent billions of dollars on Applicant Tracking Systems (the BLACK HOLE)  and other ‘talent attraction initiatives’.  It’s only dehumanized the hiring process.  There’s been zero improvement in retention or employee job satisfaction.

Now, more than ever, playing by the old rules won’t work.
Play by the old rules and you’ll wait for a long, long time to work again. Read this free book instead. Let’s put America and the rest of the world for that matter back to work.

I work at Perry-Martel International Inc.  Have since 1988.

Perry-Martel is an executive search and recruiting firm. We are what you might kindly refer to as ‘headhunters’.  That’s what we do.  We headhunt.  We are not job search coaches, nor resume writers.  We just happened to fall into writing a job search book that changed all the rules, quite accidentally.  Said book being  Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters.

Now you need to act.

Download and read Greg’s journal today.  Learn from Diary of a Layoff.  Learn from Greg’s journey.  Jump in and get going.  Promised yourself you’ll change your circumstances.  Then commit to taking action.  Make mistakes. Have some fun trying new things (yes job hunting like this can be fun) and then when you land stop – turn around – teach your friends what you learned.
Good luck and Happy Hunting…

CTV television’s Paul Brent interviewing Greg Quirk and David Perry after Greg landed his job.

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