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Veteran: Here are Your Transferable Skills

transferable skills

Ignite Your Potential: Igniting New Possibilities with Your Transferable Skills

Veterans can get a list of all the skills they learned in the military and where they are transferable into civilian jobs through the following resources:

  1. Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) crosswalk: Each branch of the military has a list of MOS codes, which correspond to specific job titles and skill sets. These can be used as a reference to see where your military skills might transfer to civilian jobs.
  2. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): The VA provides resources and services for military veterans, including career counseling, job search assistance, and training programs. They also have a tool called the VA MOS Crosswalk that can help veterans translate their military skills into civilian terms.
  3. Transition Assistance Program (TAP): TAP is a mandatory program for separating military service members that provides information and assistance with career transition. They can help individuals identify transferable skills and connect with resources for job search and career development.
  4. Military-friendly employers: Some employers actively recruit military veterans and understand the value of military skills. These employers may have a clear understanding of how military skills translate to civilian jobs.
  5. Online resources: There are numerous online resources available, such as O*NET ( and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, that provide information on specific civilian jobs and the skills required for those jobs.

By referring to these resources, you can can get a comprehensive list of the skills you’ve acquired in the military and where they transfer into civilian jobs.  You will likely be shocked! Pleasantly that is!

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